TRIPLEX is a tool-supported framework for the analysis of data minimisation in privacy-enhancing protocols. TRIPLEX provides high-level but precise formal analysis of data minimisation to non-cryptography experts. Based on a solid formal grounding, the framework gives an objective and precise overview of what personal information is learnt by (coalitions of) actors in a user-specified scenario.
TRIPLEX allows users to visually construct scenarios of different actors communicating using any kind of privacy-enhancing protocol. TRIPLEX automatically simulates these scenarios, and provides different analysis tools. The tools, geared towards non-cryptography-experts, allow users to analyse the knowledge that actors learn by executing communication protocols, as well as to verify protocol-independent privacy properties.

TRIPLEX has been developed in the context of the STW Sentinel Mobiman project and EIT ICT Lab activity Secure and Privacy-aware Mobile Identity Management.





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