Distributed Trust Management (TU/e)

Course code: 2IS25

Semester 1.

Time: Wednesday, hours 5 and 6 (from 13:45 till 15:30)

Place: Auditorium 14

Video: The lectures can be followed live via the interactive tele-lecturing system from the Universities of Nijmegen and Twente, place TBD

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The slides (are being updated during the course).


    Blok A.
  1. (1/9) Introduction. Jerry den Hartog.
  2. (8/9) Discretionary Access Control and safety problem. Role-Based Access Control. Sandro Etalle.
  3. (22/9) Mandatory Access Control. Daniel Trivellato.
  4. (29/9) Biba Model, Chinese wall, Separation of Duty. Daniel Trivellato.
  5. (6/10) Privacy and Data Protection: Introduction. Nicola Zannone.
  6. (13/10) Privacy and Data Protection: Languages (XACML). Nicola Zannone.
  7. (20/10) Privacy and Data Protection: Languages (EPAL). Nicola Zannone.
  8. Blok B.
  9. (17/11) Role-Based Trust Management I. Sandro Etalle.
  10. (24/11) Role-Based Trust Management II. Sandro Etalle.
  11. (1/12) Role-Based Trust Management III. Sandro Etalle.
  12. (8/12) Reputation Systems. Nicola Zannone.
  13. (5/1) Application of Distributed Trust Management. Milan Petkovic.
  14. (12/1) Summary. Sandro Etalle.