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AU2EU: Authentication and Authorization for Entrusted Unions

Collaboration of TU/e (project coordinator), IBM, Philips, NEC, Thales, Bicore, CSIRO, and several other Australian partners,
Funded by the European Commission in FP7
Duration: November 2013 until November 2015
Contact: Milan Petkovic


The aim of the AU2EU project is to implement and demonstrate in a real-life environment an integrated eAuthentication and eAuthorization framework, which enables trusted collaborations and delivery of broadband services across different organizational/governmental jurisdictions. This objective will be achieved by:

designing a joint authentication and authorization framework for cross-domain and jurisdictional collaborations, supporting various attribute providers and organizational policies and guaranteeing privacy, security and trust; advancing the state-of-the-art by extending the joint eAuthentication and eAuthorization framework with assurance of claims, trust indicators and policy enforcement mechanisms to address specific security and confidentiality requirements of large distributed infrastructures; implementing the joint authentication and authorization framework as a part of the platform that supports collaborative secure distributed storage, secure data processing and management in the cloud and offline scenarios; deploying the designed framework and platform in two pilots in Australia and Europe; and validating the practical aspects of the developed platform such as scalability, efficiency, maturity and usability. The aforementioned activities will contribute to the increased trust, security and privacy, which in turn shall lead to the increased adoption of (cloud-based) critical infrastructures and collaborative delivery of services dealing with sensitive data. AU2EU strategically invests in two pilots deploying the existing research results as well as the novel techniques developed in the project to bridge the gap between research and market adoption. The project builds on existing schemes and research results, particularly on the results of the ABC4Trust project as well as the Trust in Digital Life (TDL) initiative (, which initiated this project proposal and will support its objectives by executing aligned activities defined in the TDL strategic research agenda. The project brings together a strong collaboration of leading industry (such as Philips, IBM, NEC, Thales), SMEs (such as Bicore) and research organizations of Europe (such as TU/e) and Australia (such as CSIRO, ECU, RMI, NSW and MQ) as well as the large voluntary welfare association (such as German Red Cross) determined to achieve the aforementioned goals in two years.

Staff involved

  • Alexandru Ionut Egner
  • Jerry den Hartog
  • Milan Petkovic
  • Stefan Thaler
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