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 +**Cooperation between TU Eindhoven, Unique-ID, NXP and Compumatica**\\
 +**Funded** by NWO and STW \\
 +**Duration**:​ - \\
 +**Contact**:​ Boris Skoric\\
 +With the increasing popularity of automated biometric recognition,​ security and privacy issues become ever more important. The topic of the Espresso project is biometric authentication with the best possible privacy protection. The aim is to develop a Secure Sketch (a special type of secure error correction) that is efficient enough to be implemented on a smartcard. The project is a cooperation between TU Eindhoven, Unique-ID, NXP and Compumatica. It is funded by NWO and STW (Cybersecurity call 2014).
 +===Staff involved===
 +   * Boris Skoric
 +   * Taras Stanko
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