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 +===FedSS: Federated Security Shield===
 +**ITEA2** Project \\
 +**Duration**:​ December 2013 until May 2016 \\
 +**Contact**:​ Sandro Etalle\\
 +The main goal of FedSS is to provide a new innovative information processing and analysis capability utilizing available information from various sources on a secure need-to-share basis. To prevent information overload, a tailored visualization on computer desktops and on smartphones and tablets is made by applying rich internet application (RIA) technology and OGC standards. Instead of syntactic protocols, semantic information techniques will be used to improve system interoperability.
 +   * [[https://​​project/​fedss.html|Project Website]]
 +===Staff involved===
 +   * Sandro Etalle
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