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 +===IN4STARS:​ INformation INteroperability & INtelligence INteroperability by STatistics, Agents, Reasoning and Semantics===
 +**Collaboration** of TU/e, Thales NL, Swedish Defense Research Agency and Tallinn Technical University\\
 +**Funded** by EDA \\
 +**Duration**:​ September 2013 until September 2016 \\
 +**Contact**:​ Sandro Etalle\\
 +Contemporary command and control in large-scale joint operations involving multiple stakeholders critically depends on adequate situation awareness. The main challenge in such settings is to achieve accurate and timely situation awareness by each of the stakeholders. This situational awareness must be based on large quantities of the relevant data obtained from disparate sources. Secure information flows between heterogeneous information sources and the fusion/​analysis processes that can be both distributed geographically and owned by different stakeholders with complementary capabilities and different levels of security clearance. Such information flows must use existing communication infrastructure and support semantic interoperability in systems involving users separated by both organizational and cultural boundaries. IN-4-STARS2.0 tackles these challenges by combining advanced tools/​methods with research on novel approaches to heterogeneous information fusion, multi level security and semantic interoperability in distributed settings.
 +===Staff involved===
 +   * Sandro Etalle
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