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Title: Master Project on a mechanism for automatic trust provisioning of arbitrary IoT applets at NXP Semiconductors.

NXP fosters a secure-by-design approach for IoT and smart cities, enabling manufacturers and consumers to protect private information while interacting in the most convenient way through RFID and NFC-enabled applications. With MIFARE we have a market share of over 77% in transport ticketing and more than 8.5 billion RFID chips have been shipped for inventory and supply chain management. NXP has enabled the broad adoption of NFC solutions, which can be found in more than 80% of all NFC-equipped smartphones and 80% of NFC-enabled POS terminals. Further, our secure elements and the SmartMX products create unique solutions, trusted by governments, brands and transit authorities.

The NXP trust provisioning organization is responsible for secure product customization during IC manufacturing. Amongst others, this includes the generation of die-specific memory contents based on the Java Card OS and Java Card Applets.

Provisioned secure objects in the applet, like inserted randomized keys and encrypted data can have multiple copies and be located anywhere in memory in an unconstrained way. The objective of this assignment is to:

  • classification of the various insertion types and secure objects
  • propose a mechanism to identify (secure) objects in the applet’s memory space
  • propose constraints on applet development with mechanisms to detect constraint violations
  • and to implement a prototype to demonstrate the mechanism.

Your profile:

  • Computer science student
  • Knowledge of, or interest in security
  • Good programming skills

The project will take six months, including the writing of a final thesis report. It will be carried out onsite at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, due to the required high-intensity knowledge transfer and supervision, as well as the availability of specific hardware and software tools. Working in this project at NXP Semiconductors in Eindhoven implies working in a stimulating, multidisciplinary environment at the forefront of technology, with knowledgeable colleagues, and an excellent infrastructure.

Contact person: Wil Michiels (

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