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-=====Master Projects===== 
-The Security Group of TU/e offers a large variety of projects that can take place in an external company or within the TU/e: 
-====External Projects:==== 
-[[|Requirements and procedure for doing an external master thesis at the Security Group.]] 
-  * [[|Internships at SGS Brightsight]] 
-  * [[|Proposals for internships and Master projects at Almende]] 
-  * [[|Proposals for internships and Master projects at Secura]] 
-  * [[|Proposals for Master projects at Deloitte]] 
-  * [[|Master project on the effectiveness of access management of IT systems at NXP Semiconductors]] 
-  * [[iot-applets-NXP|Master Project on a mechanism for automatic trust provisioning of arbitrary IoT applets at NXP Semiconductors]] 
-  * [[|Master Project on Security for Machine Learning at NXP]] 
-  * [[| Master Project on Automated Analysis of  Cyber-Attacks using Attack-Defence Graphs at TNO]] 
-  * [[|Master Project on Autonomous Response Orchestration for Programmable Networks at TNO]] 
-  * [[|Master Project on Automated ICT Infrastructure Modeling for Cyber Security Analysis at TNO]] 
-  * [[|Master Project on Network Honeypot Framework at Auxilium Cyber Security]] 
-  *[[|Master Project on Contextual Risk Assessment for CIED Medical Devices ]] 
-  *[[|Master Project on "From Alerts to Incidents in ICS/SCADA" at SecurityMatters]] 
-  *[[ Intelligence Support.pdf|Master Project on Protecting ICS Networks from Attacks at SecurityMatters]] 
-  *[[|Master Project on Semantic Alert Correlation in ICS/SCADA at SecurityMatters]] 
-  *[[|Master Projects at Brightsight]] 
-  *[[|Master Project on Vulnerability assessment of HCE applications at NXP Semiconductors]] 
-  *[[|Master Project on White-box Cryptography at NXP Semiconductors]] 
-  *[[|Master Project/Internship on Java Card bytecode verification at NXP Semiconductors]] 
-  *[[|Master project IPC Security at Omron]] 
-  *[[|Graduation assignment at Hudson Cybertec]] 
-  *[[|Master Projects and internships in Security at ATOS]] 
-  *[[|Master Projects in Security and Privacy at TNO]] 
-  *[[|Master Projects at Philips Research]] 
-  *[[|Master Projects in Security at the Stichting NLnet (Crypto Stick)]] 
-  *[[|Master Projects in Security at Intrinsic-ID]] 
-  *[[|Master Project ("One Password 4 All") at SEGULA]] 
-  *[[|Master Project on Attribute-Based Encryption in IoT at THALES]] 
-  *[[|Master Project on trusted data feeds for smart contracts at De Nederlandsche Bank]] 
-  *[[|Master Project on AI-Supported Treatment of Eating Disorders at GGZ]] 
-//Projects listed here are proposed by companies and it is not guaranteed that these projects will be supervised by someone in the SEC group unless a prior agreement has been reached.//\\ 
-====Internal Projects:==== 
-   *[[master-projects-Sciancalepore|Master Project Proposals (Savio Sciancalepore)]] 
-   *[[|Master Project Proposals (Luca Allodi)]] 
-   *[[|Master Project Proposals (Nicola Zannone)]] 
-   *[[|Master Project Proposals (Boris Skoric)]] 
-   *[[|Master Project Proposals (Sandro Etalle)]] 
-   *[[|Master Project Proposals (Jerry Hartog)]] 
-   *[[|Student Projects in Building Automation Security (Martin Rosso)]] 
-   *[[|Master Project Proposals (Sheikhalishahi, Mina)]] 
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