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Some ideas for a Master Thesis

If you are interested in the topics below, you can contact Savio Sciancalepore (s.sciancalepore * (replace * with @) ).

  1. Low-Delay Service Access in Fog-Enabled IoT Ecosystems. Fog computing has recently emerged as an innovative system architecture, especially for low-delay Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Thanks to the deployment of dedicated “Fog Nodes” geographically closer to where data are produced and/or requested, IoT devices can enjoy very reduced reporting data delay, as well as limited latencies in data access. However, authentication and authorization processes in Fog-enabled IoT ecosystems are usually handled by the Cloud, in a fully centralized fashion. Therefore, any time an IoT device would like to access resources available at the Fog layer, it should first connect to the Cloud to accomplish authentication. Moreover, when access control mechanisms are in place, the Fog Node should contact the services hosted in the Cloud to verify the possession of the correct set of attributes by the requesting IoT device. Especially in mobile and dynamic IoT ecosystems, these mechanisms are not flexible, and incur significant delays. In addition, given that Fog Nodes are deployed in the wild, they can be hacked by motivated adversaries, more easily than traditional Cloud servers. Therefore, they can collude among them and with the adversary, to track the IoT devices while they access services and move in the Fog-enabled IoT ecosystem. In this project, we aim to design, implement, and test a Low-Delay, Privacy-Preserving, and Anonymous Authentication and Authorization solution for Fog-Enabled IoT Ecosystems. The solution integrates tools such as Token-based Access Control strategies and Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) solutions in the emerging Fog Computing architecture, creating a solution that can achieve low-delay authentication and authorization, while also providing protection against identity and location tracking by malicious Fog Nodes.
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