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 +===PINPASJC:​ Program Inferred Power Analysis in Software -- JavaCard===
 +**Collaboration** of TU/e/RUN \\
 +**Funded** by STW/​Sentinels under project nr. TIF.6687 \\
 +**Duration**:​ January 2005 until December 2008 \\
 +**Contact**:​ Sandro Etalle/​Jerry den Hartog\\
 +The PINPAS JC project aims to improve the scientific understanding of side-channels attacks, in particular for the new generation JavaCard smartcards. Such understanding is necessary to identify threats, to specify and evaluate countermeasures,​ both in relation to JavaCard applications and to the underlying JavaCard platform. More concretely, the aim is to develop techniques, design criteria, and associated tools that can be used to ensure resilience to side-channels attacks, in the design and development phase as well as in the evaluation phase.
 +   * [[http://​​pinpasjc/​|Project Webpage]]
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