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 +===PRIAM: Privacy Issues and AMbient intelligence===
 +**Collaboration** of TU/e and INRIA/Univ. St. Etienne\\
 +**Funded** by INRIA \\
 +**Duration**:​ January 2007 until December 2008 \\
 +**Contact**:​ Sandro Etalle\\
 +Privacy policies are difficult to characterize,​ to specify and to implement. In addition, enforcing privacy cannot be tackled exclusively by technical means: this is clearly one of the areas where strong interactions are required between experts from various disciplines (at least technology, law, social sciences and economy). The PRIAM project is being put forward precisely to address these issues in a transversal and multidisciplinary way. To this aim, it includes partners from the technological camp (two groups with a formal methods background and two groups with a more practical orientation) and one partner from legal and social sciences. In addition, the participation of a European partner expert in the definition of privacy policies will ensure that the project does not take a French bias in the assessment of privacy issues.
 +   * [[http://​​|Project Webpage]]
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