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Research Areas

Research at the Security Group at TU/e covers both empirical and theoretical areas of computer security, including network detection and system authentication, physical security and malware engineering and trading, as well as management of health and sensible data and risk evaluation.

Below you can find an updated list of the recent and core contributions in these area of research.

Research output

Research Area Staff member(s) Sample of output
Network monitoring S. Etalle J. Hartog
Software security Wil Michiels
Secure data management Jerry den Hartog, Milan Petkovic, Nicola Zannone
Deep learning applied to cyber security Milan Petkovic
Process mining applied to security and privacy Nicola Zannone
Attacker economics and operating environment L. Allodi
Cyber-risk quantification L. Allodi
Identification and Authentication Boris Skoric
Information-theoretic security Boris Skoric
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