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 +**EU Integrated** Project \\
 +**Duration**:​ January 2008 until December 2012\\
 +Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services (TAS³) is a European Integrated Project with 19 partners, combining expertise of universities such as TU/e, KU Leuven, Kent, Karlsruhe and companies such as SAP and ORACLE. ​
 +An increasing number of on-line services is based on personal information that is gathered over a human lifetime. This data is created and stored in different contexts by different authorities which may not use the same terminology. TAS³'​s challenge is twofold: to give trusted services a complete picture of the relevant data and to empower the user to control how his private data can be used. 
 +The TAS³ project will provide an architecture enabling trustworthy interoperation of services. We will build on ontology hierarchies to enable services to find a common terminology for their interaction. Services, users, and the architecture itself need to generate the appropriate levels of trust. Therefore, TAS³ will build on state-of-the-art techniques for data protection, authentication and authorization,​ investigate new and powerful ways to manage trust and securely adapt live business processes and incorporate the legal setting in which the services must work. 
 +Applicability of the general TAS³ architecture is shown in two application areas with a clear need for a trustworthiness of data and services:
 +Electronic Health Services combine processes and information from different health care sources; hospital, GP, home care and monitoring.
 +Employability Services match job openings with jobseekers based on trusted personal portfolios containing information from many sources.
 +   * [[http://​​|Project Webpage]]
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