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uCan - A universal web-centric CAN-interface

Collaboration of Beijer Automotive BV, TASS BV and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Duration: from September 2010 until August 2012
Contact: Sandro Etalle


Vehicle data is already available on the CAN-bus (Controller area network) operating network of all modern vehicles. Combined with GPS and GPRS data this data can play an important role in connected automotive services. Current in-car CAN-interfaces are application specific. To make CAN-vehicle data available on-line in real-time a universal aftermarket OBU (On Board Unit) which can be configured remotely is needed. In addition, by supporting 3G/4G communication the new OBU becomes and in-car communication platform which provides the outside world with access to the car network and visa versa. The car becomes part of the automotive network. By letting the OBU communicate on-line with a web-based server the vehicle data is made centrally available in real-time. Building the server as a scalable and secure open service platform will enable support use of the network of vehicles by existing and new commercial and government service-providers.

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