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The BlackHat's Lab (B-LAB)

The B-LAB provides a powerful infrastructure to enable students and researchers alike to experiment with malware, vulnerabilities, and exploits freely. The infrastructure is setup to assure high isolation from the network environment, while allowing remote collaboration from affiliate institutions.

The lab provides access to APT malware platforms, exploits and exploit kits traded in the underground, and nation-grade vulnerability exploits. All resources can be freely accessed in the context of the laboratory.

Current projects include:

  • replication and evaluation of surveillance technology
  • evaluation of exploit and malware resiliency in different operating conditions
  • augmentation of exploit kits with new exploits and capabilities
  • dynamic malware analysis

A schematic representation of the B-LAB's infrastructure is given below:

Pictures to come!

The B-LAB also has a strong IoT component that allows to test new attacks and malware (e.g. for IoT botnet-based bitcoin mining). A board in the lab will allow adding and physically operating on new components. As an example, you find below the first BACnet components schematics.

Lab access

Due to the content of the laboratory, access is on request only. Access procedure will be released shortly. In the meanwhile you may contact Dr. Luca Allodi for additional information.

The laboratory is supported by the 4TU Federation.

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