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Funded by EU (H2020)
Duration: June 2016 until May 2019
Contact: J.I. den Hartog


Critical infrastructures, systems of autonomous systems, cloud computing for safety and security-critical applications, are all dynamic systems that demand “dependability”; they must achieve reliability, robustness, resilence, security, etc. Adaptable high assurance systems are needed to achieve this in modern environments that have to deal with many evolving threats. The CITADEL project, an Innovation Action partly funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union (, will build on the MILS technology accomplishments of D-MILS and Euro-MILS, and perform the research and development necessary to create adaptive MILS systems. We aim at certified adaptable real time systems for areas such as Critical Infrastructures and the Internet of Things, where adaptability is a crucial ingredient for the safety and security of future systems, and where the rigorous construction and verification made possible by MILS holds particular promise. We plan to demonstrate CITADEL innovations in use cases such as air traffic control systems, public transport systems and smart manufacturing. Within CITADEL the TU/e focuses on network monitoring; from the communication attempt to detect possible attacks and other situations that should trigger reconfiguration of the adaptable system.

Staff involved

  • J.I. den Hartog
  • Daniel Ricardo dos Santos
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