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CREST: Collusion RESistant Tracing

Collaboration of EiPSI, Civolution and Irdeto, funded by STW/Sentinels
Duration: until February 2014
Contact: Boris Skoric


The CREST project (Collusion RESistant Tracing) investigates the resilience of digital watermarks against coalition attacks. A watermark is a sequence of hidden data embedded in audio/video or other data, and is intended e.g. to trace the origin and distribution of files. A collusion attack is an attempt by multiple people, who each possess a differently marked version of the same file, to remove or distort the watermark. The cat-and-mouse game of attack and defense gives rise to nontrivial mathematics, involving combinatorics, coding theory, information theory and broadcast encryption. The practical side is equally complex, with much work in progress on attack strategies, signal processing attacks, optimal code constructions, efficient decoding algorithms, and embedding methods. CREST is a joint project of EiPSI (Eindhoven Institute for the Protection of Systems and Information) and two industrial partners, Civolution and Irdeto. The aim of the CREST project is to make progress on both the mathematical understanding and practical realization of collusion resistant watermarking.

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