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TU/e Security Group

The interconnectivity and pervasiveness of computers and of embedded systems is not only determining new functionalities, but is also opening the way to increasingly sophisticated attacks. Indeed, in the last years the field of security has become one of the main focuses of computer science research around the globe. The mission of the Security group (SEC) at TU/e, in collaboration with EPSI, the Eindhoven Institute for the Protection of Systems and Information, is to realize a more secure and privacy-preserving digital infrastructure.

We believe this goal can only be achieved by investigating the overall picture of the cybersecurity problem, tackling the engineering, deployment, management, and maintenance perspectives of systems and ICT infrastructures.

Our research interests are a reflection of this and span from security deployment and management, to physical security and attack engineering.

Research area Core research topics Staff members
Network monitoring Critical infrastructure protection Sandro Etalle, Jerry den Hartog
Software security White-box Cryptography Wil Michiels
Secure data management Access control, Trustworthy collaborative systems, Formal methods for security Jerry den Hartog, Milan Petkovic, Nicola Zannone
Data analytics for security Deep learning applied to cyber security, Process mining applied to security and privacy Milan Petkovic, Nicola Zannone
Attacker and risk models Attacker economics and operating environment, and Cyber-risk quantification Luca Allodi
Identification and Authentication Physical Unclonable Functions, BiometricsBoris Skoric
Information-theoretic security Quantum Readout of Physical Unclonable Functions, Quantum Cryptography Boris Skoric

You can also readily browse our most recent contributions. We also share our code and datasets.


We cover most of these aspects extensively in our teaching as well, including courses on offensive computer security at the bachelor and master's levels, as well as comprehensive courses on Principles of data protection, attack engineering (Hacker's Hut), Verification of Security Protocols, and Physical Aspects of Digital Security, among several others.

Check out our courses at the Bachelor and Master's levels! Our Master's program fits in the TRU/e Master Security Programme in collaboration with Radboud University.

We are also developing the BlackHat's Lab (B-LAB) as a platform to test nation state-level exploits, surveillance platforms, and advanced attack vectors. The lab also has an IoT interface to test new (and existing) attacks against the ever-growing IoT world.

Find more details on the navigation bar on the left, or contact us for specific enquiries. You can also follow us on Twitter.


P.O. Box 513
5600 MB
The Netherlands

+31 040 2472853
MetaForum building Room 6.061

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